Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bad to the Bone

This is a polite way of saying we beat his photographer into a coma:

Frank Koughan, the producer of "Stealing Lincoln's Body," could not be reached for comment last week.

We think the ground rules were pretty simple: First the check clears, then we spit out a half-dozen quotes that could have been written by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. Why anyone would think the deal includes stationing a photographer outside our favorite table dance club is a mystery to us.

Speaking of Lancaster, we mentioned a while back that when we rented a train there, it came with a young engineer by the name of Hambone. One of the perks (okay, the only perk) of being the producer is that we were able to give him an on-screen credit, along with a some of the finest Lincoln scholars in the nation. Because we're all about the little guy.


Anonymous said...

"Emmy winner" Barak Goodman? Isn't the other producer a multiple emmy winner? The journalism in Lancaster has gone into the toilet.


Burro Hall said...

Incidentally, his full name is Barak Hussein Goodman, but the Lancaster media won't tell you that.