Saturday, February 21, 2009

Crosstown Traffic

Querétaro has been named as one of ten best cities for Information Technology in the Americas, and just last week inaugurated free wireless internet in eight of the biggest public plazas in the city. So it's kind of amazing to us that they can't quite figure out the humble orange traffic cone around here.

As the flaming piranha-filled moat project expands throughout the Centro, more and more streets are being temporarily closed. This is chaotic enough in a city whose basic layout hasn't changed much in 300 years, but the bigger problem is this: for some reason there's no system to alert motorists that the street up ahead is closed. And by "system," we just mean "something blocking the street, like maybe a fuckin' orange cone or something." To put it in New York terms, if 8th Avenue is closed, you block off 57th St at 7th Ave so that cars don't come roaring down 57th, discover 8th is closed, and then have to reverse back to 7th. This sort of information technology has yet to trickle down to Querétaro, so while half the streets in the Centro are closed, the other half are filled with drivers trying to back up up away from the streets they didn't know were closed, and of course running into oncoming traffic because the people behind them don't know why they're backing the wrong way up a one-way street. It's the traffic equivalent of the Cocoanut Grove fire.*

[* Note to queretanos unfamiliar with the Cocoanut Grove: if you're stuck in traffic near one of the plazas, you can access the internet on your iPhone and read about it here.]

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of people are walking if they want to get there from here.