Friday, February 06, 2009

Dog & Butterfly

We're secure enough in our masculinity to admit that we plan to spend the day looking at butterflies. Specifically, monarch butterflies in the state of Michoacán, about a four hour drive from here, much of it treacherous. Why are we doing this? Excellent question, and one we've been wondering ourselves! Apparently, if you've been in Mexico for a couple of years and haven't seen the butterflies, your commitment to the whole Mexico thing becomes suspect, or something like that. So it's off to see the winged caterpillars, which we understand are closely related to moths, of which there are plenty right here at home.

Here's a picture of the perro sunning himself in San Miguel a couple of weeks ago, to keep you warm until we [hopefully] make it back in one piece.


Joy said...

Enjoy! The butterflies are wonderful, hopefully they can melt any cynic's heart. I certainly fell in their trap.

(My word verification is "rocka" -- hells yeah.)

Anonymous said...

Take pictures!! They are supposed to be spectacular!