Sunday, February 22, 2009


We'll be settling in for a long night listening to a badly overdubbed Academy Awards ceremony. Our initial fear was that the local networks would cut away to a soccer match or old Chesprito reruns after the Best Makeup Oscar is awarded to Mexico's Mike Elizade, but luckily, because this country loves basking in reflected glory, they'll probably stick with it to see if Milk takes the big prize, since it co-starred one of Mexico's two actors, Diego Luna. Also, given cinematographer Wally Pfister's connections to Burro Hall, there'll probably be some Mexican bragging rights if he or The Joker grab gold.

With this much local talent on display, it's a wonder they don't just hold the Oscars in Queretaro. If they did, the red carpet would go something like this.

Joan Rivers: Who are you wearing tonight?

George Clooney: Smokings d'Aldo!

Brad and Leo [in unison]: Mundo del Traje.

Russel Crowe: La Moda Elegante.

We'll of course be wearing Valentino, as usual.

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