Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Hand of God?

Querétaro is loaded with Christian bookstores, which we have long made the mistake of referring to as "Catholic" bookstores, since around here "Christian" and "Catholic" are pretty interchangeable. But at least one bookstore nearby, the Libreria Cristiana del Rey, is not only not Catholic, but it sells some of the most virulent anti-Catholic propaganda available (mostly from this publisher). Needless to say, it's become our favorite place to browse - not because we have anything against Catholics, but because we just admire the sheer ballsiness of running an openly anti-Catholic bookstore in the middle of Querétaro.

One comic book that caught our eye recently was this one, which tells the story of Charles Chiniquy, who claims that back in the 1850s he was framed by the Jesuits because he'd figured out that Catholicism was all bullshit [we're paraphrasing], but he managed to get off by hiring a young country lawyer named Abraham Lincoln. A decade later the Jesuits, who never forget a slight, then arranged to start the United States Civil War in order to kill Lincoln and, when that failed, simply shot him in the head one night at Ford's Theater.

We didn't remember learning it quite that way (but then, we attended a Jesuit university, so what do you expect?) Though the part about Chiniquy hiring A. Lincoln, attorney-at-law, in 1856 is true, literally none of the other details are (though who's to say, really, on the question of the Jesuits being behind it all?)

Just to be on the safe side, of course, we went back watched the Lincoln Zapruder film a few more times. To the untrained eye, this looks like John Wilkes Booth's hand, but it's the spitting image of Pius IX:

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