Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Information

It's informe time here in Querétaro, the time when every elected official from the governor to the mayor to the dog catcher gives their State of the State / City / Dog Pound Address. We don't follow any of this very carefully, but it's been funny to open the papers and see page after page of quarter- and half-page ads like "Sanchez Cement Company extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mayor Manuel González Valle on the occasion of your Second Informe," usually followed by a few lines about how great the mayor is and a bit of patriotic sloganeering. We don't really understand the Kremlinology behind this, but since every business in the entire city seems to have taken out an ad, we can only assume someone is keeping a list of all the businesses that haven't.

With that in mind, Burro Hall extends its heartfelt, etc, etc.

It was also interesting to read the State Public Security chief bragging about the mayor's promise to have "all 300 video surveillance cameras up and running by the end of the month," because up until now the number has always been 100. So Hizzoner has actually tripled the city's dystopian qualities in just nine months! (Burro Hall extends its heartfelt, etc...)

It was also interesting to read this because apparently only 120 of the 300 are working right now, and "the end of the month" is Saturday. Please folks, no wagering.

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