Sunday, February 22, 2009

It Was Still Better Than "Benjamin Button"

Querétaro has many cultural options available, so of course the one we gravitated to last night was the lucha libre. Since we're really not the most sophisticated connoisseurs of the luchistic arts, we tend not to read the fine print very carefully, which is how we wound up at an event called "Total Ultraviolent Disaster," which is to the lucha libre what cockfighting is to coq au vin. Think The Wrestler, but without the glamor or the prospect of Marisa Tomei in a g-string. (One guy even brandished a staple gun, like in the movie.) Of course, as you can see in this photo, that doesn't mean it's not considered family entertainment by local standards.

(Credit where it's due, though: we can't believe that in nearly 1,600 blog posts, we never thought up the name "Querétarock." Muchos saludos, amigos!)

The highlight, if that's the word, was a fight called "the battle of chairs and lightbulbs," in which the contestants clobbered each other with metal folding chairs and eight-foot long fluorescent light bulbs. This we loved for the sheer Mexican-ness of it - not that there's anything traditionally Mexican about hitting a man with a fluorescent light bulb, but there can't be too many other places where this would be done with such blatant disregard for the safety of the audience. If you've ever dropped one by accident, you know that fluorescent bulbs tend to explode on impact, with tiny shards of glass and toxic dust flying in all directions. On a related note, it was to our great regret that we decided to splurge 130 pesos on a front-row seat.

You can catch a brief glimpse of the carnage below. Sharp-eyed viewers may be able to spot yr. corresp., having safely moved back to the fifth row, here

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Anonymous said...

That was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen!