Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Kiss Army

Well, it's El Día del Amor y la Amistad which, like every other day in Mexico, means there's a flimsy excuse to try and break some non-existent world record - in this case, the World's Largest Simultaneous Kiss. The Mexico City government thinks 32,000 or so people ought to do it, and the Guinness people - who are clearly being plied with cocaine so they'll keep coming back to Mexico - seem inclined to agree. We're not sure what constitutes a "simultaneous kiss," but we're guessing that far more than 32,000 people kiss each other in Times Square on New Years Eve, or at one of those Moonie mega-weddings, just to pick a couple examples off the tops of our heads. What we really wish, of course, was that they had tried to go for the kissing record at the same time they were breaking the naked-people-standing-around record. Probably would have broken records in a few other categories as the morning wore on.

This is a non-rhetorical question for whatever Guinness Book officials may be reading this: how many world records have been set in the Zócalo in Mexico City, and is it possible that it may hold the world record for most world records?

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