Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Slaughterhouse Jive

We do our best not to get too wrapped up in local politics, particularly public demonstrations, of which there seem to be dozens each month, most of them pointless. But when we saw this article announcing that on Monday, disgruntled dairy farmers planned to march eight cows into the city's central garden and sacrifice them...well, okay, the first thing we did was run to the dictionaries to see if perhaps sacrificar had some less-bloody meaning we weren't picking up on, but no - they really were going to butcher eight cows in this charming public square. (The idea being that it's cheaper to kill their cows than to sell their milk at two cents a liter.) So of course - as a service to you, dear reader - we sent a team of correspondents to cover it.

Long story short, the farmers pussed out. The jardin was crawling with riot police, at least 100 by our count, and by two hours past the appointed time it became obvious that, even accounting for traditional Mexican tardiness, these boys weren't coming. Instead, they just snuck over the the Economic Secretary's office and dumped 70 liters of spoiled milk on the ground. We'll leave it to the political scientists to debate the efficacy of using rancid milk on a hot day to try and sway public opinion, but we just wanted to take a minute here to register our supreme disappointment with the lecheros. We thought you were made of sterner stuff, amigos.

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