Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Urchins Wanted

Finally, some good news on the economic front. Jobs may be disappearing at a record rate on both sides of the border, but here in Mexico, opportunities for children who want to work have never been greater!

Gerardo Sauri, director of the Network for Children's Rights, warned of a possible increase in the rate of child labor in the current context of economic crisis in the country, while the Ministry of Labor and Social Security asked the Congress reform legislation to increase fines on employers who hire child labor.

According to the first national survey of Child Labor by the Department of Labor and INEGI, released a couple of months ago, there are 3,600,000 working children in Mexico under the age of 18.

The article doesn't explain what's wrong with someone under 18 having a job (we did), but of the 3.6 million working kids, 230,000 are under the age of nine, and 883,000 are between 10 and 13, which ought to be (and, in fact, is) illegal. More amazingly, 1,647,000 of them don't get paid, which at least helps us understand why it might have been difficult to find adults to fill these jobs.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice all the comments on bullfighting but none on child abuse???


Burro Hall said...

Yeah, it's almost as if some people think bullfighting is worse than child labor. People are strange.