Friday, February 13, 2009

Waiting for the Sun

Speaking of doors in Mexico, The Doors (or at least a couple of them) are playing in the bullring in Mexico City tonight, having finally re-scheduled a show that got canceled 40 years ago, shortly after the government decided it would be a good idea to shoot hundreds of students to death in the streets

"The powers that be said, 'No way are we going to let 60,000 hippies in the Plaza de Toros,'" the bull ring where the Doors were scheduled to perform in 1969, Manzarek said. "We were very unhappy about not being able to play for the students."

Manzarek said the band ended up performing at an upscale private dinner club, where people ate steaks as the now-deceased front man Jim Morrison crooned songs such as "The End," which includes lyrics about incest and parricide.

It almost goes without saying that seeing the Doors in a Mexican supper club in 1969 is just exponentially cooler than seeing Ray Manzarek in Plaza Mexico in 2009, but you have to admire the way they kept their commitment.

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Ren said...

Las Puertas se cerraron detrás de Jaime