Thursday, February 26, 2009

Worst Animal Rights Activist Ever

We're not even sure where to begin commenting on this:

"Masked men ... opened the door to my apartment and killed my dogs," said Javier Cervantes, who kept 50 rescued dogs and 20 cats at the housing complex in the lower-middle-class community of Jaltenco, outside Mexico City.

Cervantes, who was not home at the time, said sympathetic neighbors told him the assailants used "machetes and steel pipes" to hack and bludgeon the animals to death.

Cervantes said he found 15 of the dogs and 10 of the cats dead.

Oh dear, that is horrible. But Cervantes, apparently a very committed animal-rescuer and also, basically, insane, was keeping these 70-plus animals in his 600 square foot apartment, which among other problems had a somewhat negative effect on his neighbors' property values.

"There have been citizen complaints since 2006 ... about the noise and disgusting smell from having so many animals locked up," [Jaltenco city council secretary Jorge] Ramirez said. "Just imagine, this is an apartment building."

He said some residents of the four-story building complained of respiratory difficulties.

"The problem continued and got worse, and the people organized — I imagine in secret, in the darkness of night — and they knocked down the door and the animals began to escape," said Ramirez. "There were in terrible condition, and hungry."

And, in many cases, already dead.

When police arrived, they found a bloodstained apartment with scattered animal corpses and a patio floor covered with years' worth of accumulated feces. Ramirez said dogs were found stuffed in a refrigerator, and police were investigating whether Cervantes intended to sell them for meat — an allegation Cervantes denied.

Animal rights activist Antemio Maya of the organization Pro-Perro, or "Pro-Dog," said Cervantes was a recognized animal-rescue activist. However, he also criticized the conditions in which Cervantes held the strays.

"The love for animals leads you to extreme measures, to doing things that aren't right even for the animals," Maya said.

For what it's worth, this sort of thing would never happen if the government were being run by known animal lovers.

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Anonymous said...

People like that are called collectors. They start out fine but the need to rescue takes over and they can't stop. They are menatlly ill. It's the animals they are trying to help that ultimately suffer.


Anonymous said...

There may be more here than what's reported (and usually badly reported) by the U.S. press. For starters, other papers have a very different sized apartment. There was a story in the Mexico City News about an eccentric dog rescuer, but the News' retrieval function is pretty poor, and can't confirm that this is the same guy... making the dogs a victim of bad press, perhaps?

Burro Hall said...

How differently sized? I'm reading everything between 40 and 60 sq meters, which I usually convert as 1 sq meter = 10 sq ft, but math ain't my thing.

I'd say any house smaller than Aaron Spelling's would be too small for 70 animals, not counting the dead ones in the fridge.

Anonymous said...

A nutzo story like this is a bad reporters' wet-dream. Its wacky enough that minor things like factual accuracy is gonna change the basic kinkiness and twisted human interest that we all know and love.

I saw all kinds of numbers on the space too, most of which sounded as if the AP was translating meters as feet... which would have make the whole thing even weirder that it was.

And what enquiring minds really want to know... how big was his freezer?