Friday, March 27, 2009

All About the Netzahuacoyotls

Sometimes we wonder whether we've become even more reflexively defensive to anti-Mexican slights than the Mexicans themselves (we believe this is known as Stockholm Syndrome), but more likely we've just figured out what sort of things pissed them off. Like this ad for Mitsubishi, which caught our eye because of the excellent mash-up of the 100 peso and 100 dollar bills. Throw a couple of Canadian geese on the back and you've got yourself an Amero, we thought. But the tag line - At Mitsubishi, we make your money worth more - indicates that someone didn't read the "How to Sell Stuff to Mexicans" textbook very carefully. With the peso bouncing up and down (mostly down) against the dollar, we're not sure the best way to appeal to the patriotic middle class here is to say, "Hey, at Mitsubishi, we help you pretend your shitty, worthless little currency actually has value - almost as if you were Americans!"

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