Monday, March 02, 2009

Assume the Position

Every now and then we take a peek at the SiteMeter, and we've noticed that on at least two occasions since January 20, we've had visitors from, which can only mean one thing: we're being vetted for the top job in Mexico City (and assuming our visitors can read English, will be quickly eliminated)! And we say, fine with us! The cartels pay better anyway.

This started us wondering what ever happened to our previous top diplomat, Tony "Fat Tony" Garza, and we discovered that he's stayed on in Mexico City and - when not jumping on the "Mexico is not a failed state!" bandwagon - is setting up a consulting firm trading on connections he made in public service. He's being coy about this, of course, but according to his website:

Mr. Garza is well positioned to provide strategic advice, advocacy and direct assistance to U.S. and Mexican businesses looking to expand their presence in the regional marketplace. He is uniquely positioned to assist corporate and other interests navigating the complex economic, cultural, and political environments in both the United States and Mexico.

Well, hey now! Corporate "and other interests"? We weren't aware there was any other kind.

His site also links to a biography page that turns out to be his Wikipedia entry, which is full of the kind of puffery ("Mr. Garza’s public service highlights his faith in the power of education..." "Mr. Garza’s commitment to democracy and free and fair elections has been evident throughout his career...") that sounds like it was inserted by his assistant at the Ambassador's request - which, in fact, it was. Sadly, she also edited out the reference to Mrs. Garza being "the richest woman in Mexico," presumably because Republicans married to beer heiresses aren't quite the commodity they used to be.

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