Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Failure, from A to Z

Author and intellectual Enrique Krauze takes to the op-ed pages today to explain, as simply as possible, what a failed state looks like.

The opinion that Mexico is breaking down seems to be shared by much of the American news media, not to mention the Americans I meet by chance and who, at the first opportunity, ask me whether Mexico will “fall apart.”

It most assuredly will not. First, let’s take a quick inventory of the problems that we don’t have. Mexico is a tolerant and secular state, without the religious tensions of Pakistan or Iraq. It is an inclusive society, without the racial hatreds of the Balkans. It has no serious prospects of regional secession or disputed territories, unlike the Middle East. Guerrilla movements have never been a real threat to the state, in stark contrast to Colombia.

Try to imagine a state like that, right on our border.

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Girb Nedlog said...

very glad to find this blog! born a masshole and now moving to san miguel de allende with two babies this is just what i needed! as for failed states, im getting so sick of explaining the nature, and the geographic and socioeconomic location of the 'drug violence' ill be looking here for some tools to do it.