Wednesday, March 04, 2009


The list of Things We Did Not Know Happened in Querétaro keeps getting longer. Today we learn that the PRI, the political party that ruled the country for 71 years, was founded - or at least formalized as a political party, then known as the PNR - in Querétaro's Teatro de la Republica 80 years ago today. We came to understand this because the party is partying in the Teatro all day today, and all 18 PRI state governors are expected to attend. Since - coincidentally or not - most PRI-run states are also narco territory, and since every now and then someone tries to spray one of those governors with gunfire, people strolling the center of town may want to avoid the area around the Teatro. Or at least try not to do what we just did, which was to go charging towards the Teatro in running shorts and an iPod, bursting obliviously through a police cordon because we thought it was another work crew tearing up the road, and getting ourselves abruptly halted by a pair of machine gun-wielding soldiers. Fortunately, these guys didn't go all Sonny-at-the-toolbooth on us, but these shorts are definitely going to need laundering.

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