Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy BJ Day

Today is Benito Juarez's 203rd birthday, so it's a holiday here, like President's Day in the US, and for some odd reason it was celebrated last Monday, rather than this coming Monday (though if we were betting, we'd count on it being celebrated this coming Monday as well.)

Querétaro has a lot of crazy legends, and one of the is the story of "La Carambada," a local woman whose husband was an Imperial soldier Juarez refused to pardon from execution. Long legend short, the widow swore vengence, mastered the dark art of poison-making, and managed to slip a couple drops of a sure-to-kill-you-in-three-weeks concoction into BJ's drink....21 days before he, in fact, died! If true, this helps explain why the town has a statue of Juarez so large as to require airplane lights.

Speaking of dead presidents, we'll use the fact that Lincoln and Juarez were contemporaries who admired each other (see also this statue of Lincoln in Juarez, and this one of Juarez in the Land of Lincoln) to segue into what we swear will be our final Lincoln post. For everyone in Mexico who wasn't able to see it, and for everyone in the US who thinks "interactive television" means calling the producer and saying, "Hey, I missed your show, can you send me a DVD?" we're posting the Lincoln opus here, in two enormous quicktime files (approx 600MB each), which you can download or spend two hours watching on this page in a two-inch window. We'll take them down as soon as our own attorneys send us a cease-and-desist letter.

You can also buy it for eighteen bucks here, but you have to leave a comment saying how ugly the boxcover art is.

Part One:

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Part Two:

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[Note: Files are quite large. For best results, hit "pause" and let it download a bit before playing. There are eight 25-second black holes for commercials.]


Red In a Blue State said...

I know one ex-U.S. president who will certainly welcome a BJ Day celebration.

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Yeah. Exactly what I was thinking...