Thursday, March 05, 2009

If the Peso Keeps Dropping, Maybe We'll Just Feed Them Ground-Up 50s

In the category of Great Lines From Terrible Movies, one of our favorites is from Turner & Hooch, in which Turner (Tom Hanks) is buying food for Hooch, his recently-adopted crime-fighting bull mastif, and experiences as massive case of sticker shock: "$97.51! What is that, pesos? This is for a dog!" We still use the "what is that, pesos?" line a lot, though the jury is still out on whether the current answer ("Uh, yes, that is pesos, Señor,") makes it more funny, or less.

Anyway, here's the remorseless eating machine known as the spare cat, sitting next to the second $375 bag of cat food we've bought in the last two weeks. And yes, that is pesos. Until recently that was about 35 bucks. Something to keep in mind if you're ever offered a "free kitten."


Joy said...

Absolutely. My dog got his teeth cleaned today, and I LOVED doing the conversion math on that bill. And all bills, lately. I keep waiting for my favorite paletas to be free.

(My word verification was strangely Nahuatl: Tzathumd. Sounds like a town in the Estado.)

Burro Hall said...

Actually, like coke dealers, we cut the expensive, nutritious stuff with with that cheap Whiskas crap. Though maybe it's the other way around, since Whiskas is like crack to these guys (we keep it in a sealed plastic box), whereas the Royal Canin is tolerated only because they're too lazy to pick it all out.

Ellen Kimball said...

Hello Burro Hall!

I just saw a comment you made about the travel warning to Mexico. We are just packing to go to Nuevo Vallarta and I needed a little lift! Found your blog in a Minnesota newspaper comment section! What the heck... BURRO.BLOGSPOT?

So, this is it. As a former New Yorker (transplanted now to Portland, Oregon), I just got the joke in your title! Borough Hall! Burro Hall??? WHERE did that map come from? That is so hilarious.

Peace, love and happiness,

Ellen Kimball
(Woman, wife, retired radio talk show broadcaster, mother, stepmother, grandmother, stepgrandmother and just all around great "hippie elderly" person almost age 70)

Burro Hall said...

That's a lotta woman for little Nuevo Vallarta to handle - they may have to call in reinforcements.


Ellen Kimball said...

Naw, reinforcements aren't necessary. I need only one or two Dos Equis with a couple of slices of lime, and I'm really lovable!

Sitting here with my Berlitz in hand, I just wish my Spanish teachers had concentrated on SPEAKING the language, not reading it.

Thanks for the comment. I'm going to add you to my blog list.

BTW, your male photographs are quite handsome. I wish I had a GRANDSON who looked like ANY of them!

Adios amigos!


Anonymous said...

do you have some female photographs, too, then? it wouldn't have occurred to me except for the previous comment...

Burro Hall said...

I'm not even sure what the male photographs are. I thought it referred to the cat, but now that I think of it it's a weird look to wish upon one's grandkids.

Let's just all agree that I'm really handsome and call it a day.

Anonymous said...

SPARE CAT?????!!!! I had my mother climbing down roofs drunk to rescue me and you call me SPARE CAT?????? How dare you......


Burro Hall said...

Hey, get down off that computer! Bad cat!