Sunday, March 22, 2009

John Carroll

A friend of ours passed away earlier this month, though putting it like that risks overstating our closeness to the deceased. The Brooklyn Inn is the kind of place where you can talk to a guy every weekend, year after year, and still not be sure of his last name. He was that kind of friend, but riotously funny and always exceedingly kind to the perro, and we liked him immensely. John was a prosecutor in the Special Victims Bureau, so it's no exaggeration to say the world is a less compassionate place without him.

He's also, to this day - the things you find out about a guy - the Delaware state high school record holder in the high jump. The fact we never knew this speaks volumes about the man's humility, since we'd have brought this up every time we got two beers in us, and would probably still be wearing the medal.

We won't be able to make it to the memorial party tonight, but if you're in the area you should stop by. Donations in John's name can be made to Safe Horizon, or the American Melanoma Foundation.

    Update: This is turning out to be a very weird day for Brooklyn Inn regulars.


Krellinator said...

Nice piece. That's rough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Sounds like a truly nice person.


lauren macaulay said...

Thanks so much, Frank! Beautiful and wonderful that you wrote about my crazy awesome hubby. The party for him was great...wish you could have been there...stop by the inn next time you are in town, lauren :)