Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

It gets worse.

Hundreds of Killer Whales Seen in Gulf of Mexico


Anonymous said...

Here in No CA, we have been having orca pod sightings of orcas that normally live up towards Puget Sound and higher on up. They are very thin and hungry and searching for food around the Farrallone Islands outside SF Bay.
Scientists are telling us that it is because their main food source, salmon, has become very scarce due to a combination of warming seas and Bush administration water distribution polices that severely affected the rivers where salmon spawn. Salmon were unable to spawn and now there is a severe loss of salmon. This has also deeply affected the fishing industry here.

Burro Hall said...

If they're looking for good salmon, they should probably avoid Querétaro.

Anonymous said...

The salmon scarcity has also deeply affected my lunch plans.

Julie said...

Ahh I love it. Truly confirming the widely-spread hypothesis that the only news about Mexico anyone is interested in, is that of murder & death. Even the whales are now bringing their reign of terror to bear on Mexico. When will the killing stop???