Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mexican Students Warned Against Traveling to Outer Banks

We love stuff like this.

North Carolina Sheriff Spouts Off About “Mexicans” to the Media

September 18th, 2008 - In a recent article in Raleigh's The News & Observer, Johnston County Sheriff Steve Bizzell was quoted calling Mexicans "trashy," accusing Latinos of "breeding like rabbits," and stating, "When people think about illegal Mexicans, you know the first thing they think of? Driving drunk and shooting."

Actually, Hoss, that's what Mexicans think of when we think about North Carolina.

Update: Gunman identified as "Robert Stewart." No word yet whether this is an anglicization of Roberto Sanchez, but we're sure officials are on the case.

Much Later Update: Seriously?


Anonymous said...

Why even give space to such a bigoted, stupid redneck?


Burro Hall said...

to mock him?