Monday, March 09, 2009

Rat Race

Here's an image that ran in last week's Dia Siete Magazine, of a swarm of rats streaming out the front door of the New York Stock Exchange - almost as if these rats were, say, fleeing a sinking ship. Or better yet, serving as a metaphor for the global financial crisis. Kinda witty, we suppose, and we definitely admire the Photoshop skillz.

But Dia Siete, apparently unfamiliar with the expression, published this image on the first page of an an article about, well, rats - the disease-carrying, rapidly-multiplying, four-legged inner-city vermin - with the caption "An infestation of rats photographed outside a building on Wall Street, in New York."

Once again, we invite all Mexican journalists to check with us first, free of charge, before publishing any New York-related information.


Ellen Kimball said...
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Ellen Kimball said...

Ellen Kimball said...
Whether they knew it or not, the magazine has certainly caputured the general idea of how many of us feel about the traders on Wall Street at this moment.

Of course, many of those managers and workers are now looking for other jobs. We'll see how they get their cheesey rewards in the months to come, and whether any of them actually end up in prison.

Frankly, the end could come quickly with one of those spring-loaded snap traps if it were up to me. That would be better than letting them scatter down into the dark sewers of financal justice -- if there is such a thing -- only to save themselves.


Anonymous said...

Why do you assume it's photoshop? Have you seen the people who work there up close. To me, the picture is pretty accurate.


Burro Hall said...

Because they're not wearing shoes, and you can't get onto the floor of the NYSE without shoes. Trust me on this one. I'd never been so embarrassed.