Saturday, March 07, 2009


Jalisco's Carlos Santana has apparently been turning down movie soundtrack work left and right, and for a pretty admirable reason

As most of the pitches that have come to Santana for possible soundtrack work have been films that denigrate Mexicans, he's declined to participate. "...I'd rather wash dishes than work on projects that always portray us as criminals, drug addicts or gangsters..."

We're assuming Carlos is exaggerating a little bit here. Us, we'd rather live off 1% of his royalties from Supernatural than wash dishes or write movie soundtracks. But we're more intrigued by this: how big do your balls have to be to bring a picture full of negative Mexican stereotypes to Carlos Santana and ask him to score it? Weeping Jesus. If there are any Hollywood producers reading this, we're fnishing up a screenplay about a Scientologist serial killer, and are looking for a way to get it into Tom Cruise's hands.

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