Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Sweet Science

Seriously, is there anyone who's not sucking up to Charlie Slim these days? From a World Boxing Council press release, translated from Punch Drunk into English [lack of punctuation theirs]:

The WBC will present tomorrow [actually, yesterday] The Man of The Year 2008 Award, to Don carlos Slim Helu

During the 46th annual WBC convention in Cheng Du China, last November 7th, 2008 the general assembly and the Board of Governors voted unanimously to present Don Carlos Slim Helu. The Man of the Year 2008 WBC Award, this will come tomorrow in a special ceremony that will count with most of the former & current Mexican WBC World Champions, and well known Promoter Don King, who will join along with Mexico's today's Promoters.

Only in America! (Or Mexico. It's not clear, really.)


Anonymous said...

PLEASE keep Don King there!


Burro Hall said...

Only if we can take Holyfield, too. True story: A few years ago I was getting called on a regular basis by this crazy guy trying to get 60 Min to do a story about himself. One day my phone rings. "Mr Koughan? Evander Holyfield here."


"Yes, Sir. 'The Real Deal.'"

"Gosh, Mr Holyfield, what can I - "

"Call me Evander."

"Can I just call you The Real Deal?"

He laughed. We settled on "Champ." The crazy preacher guy had asked him to call on his behalf. I tried to change the subject by noting that the night Tyson bit his ear off was my 30th birthday. He didn't laugh.