Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There Will Be Thuds

Back when we were in college in Boston, it seemed every St. Patrick's Day ended the same way: with a bunch of angry, shirtless guys pummeling each other in the most theatrical way possible. Tonight, the tradition continues. After a couple false starts, there's finally some A-List lucha talent coming to Arena Querétaro in the form of Mistico, who'll be joining forces with Volador Jr to take on Black Warrior and Sangre Azteca. Mistico owes us one, having pulled out of a match we'd bought overpriced tickets for last year, so if he's not at the top of his game tonight, there could be at least one drunken boyo hopping into the ring to deliver a beatdown. (Keep in mind, when viewing his beefy torso, that yr. humble corresp. has a full five inches on him.)


Anonymous said...

You have five inches on the real Mistico or the action figure?

Burro Hall said...

On the real deal. I've got a good five and a half feet on the action figure.