Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome to Mexico: Please Buckle Up

We've been saying for a while that if anyone wants a real Mexican Travel Advisory, our suggestion would be: do what you can to avoid the highways. Good advice, as you can see. It shouldn't be long, however until websites devoted to the loony proposition that Mexico will kill you will hold this up as another reason to steer clear of the country. (For the record, 16,000 people died in drunk driving accidents in the US in 2006. And while we can't find national statistics for Mexico, the 2006 tally for Mexico City, where 25% of the population lives, was 277.)

Anyway, we wanted to bring to your attention a new site that hopes to cut through some of the horseshit out there, The Truth About Mexico - we realize the name sounds like it ought to be full of horror stories, and some of the writers are of questionable talent, but we assure you they're on the side of truth, justice and the Mexican way.


Anonymous said...

Good story. The websites are unbelievable! How can they possibly count stupid accidents as "Deaths in Mexico - Stay Away"
Like we don't have accidental deaths here!


Burro Hall said...

Not to mention the hazards of vacationing in Canada.

(What...too soon?)