Thursday, April 16, 2009

Anything...For a Lady

We just though we'd give all the local ladies some time to hit the Stairmaster by announcing a few weeks in advance that the annual "talent" contest known as Miss Querétaro will be holding its first round of dream-crushing tryouts on May 11. In addition to being a single woman between 18 and 23, taller than 5'5", in good health and in possession of a beautiful face and body (that's what it says), the organizers have added a new requirement this year: "a basic familiarity with English."

We post this for two reasons: 1) Just to start trouble. Because if requiring Miss Querétaro to speak the yanqui tongue isn't at least as great an affront to national pride as a hamburger ad, then we really don't understand the Mexican soul.

And of course, 2) To offer our services. Any señoritas need help boning up on the yanqui tongue, pues, mi lengua es tu lengua.

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