Sunday, April 12, 2009

Boyz N The Hoods

The Procession of Silence was Friday night.We always find it amusing because in Mexico, "silence" means drumming, the rattling of chains, screaming vendors and, of course, clacking anal-beads. But it's an impressive display nonetheless, one for which we always dispatch our corps of photographers, only to realize that it looks exactly the same every year. So you can see a few pictures here, here and here, without us having to post more.

What can you say about someone who would parade barefoot through the streets of a city, wearing a hood and a robe, dragging a chain behind them and carrying a 100-pound cross? We'd dare say these people are seriously religious - we'd probably seek to prevent them from signing up for flight school, actually, even though they worship the good god - but at the very least, they'd seem to be religious in a money-is-no-object kind of way. And yet participation in the Procession was down 25% this year, largely because "la crisis," as they call the global financial meltdown here, made the 350 peso fee too burdensome. (The money covers a two-day spiritual retreat beforehand; why the Church can't spring for this, we're not quite sure.) Three hundred and fifty pesos is about 27 dollars. Just a reminder that there are lot of people here for whom 27 bucks is a significant amount of money, even though failure to produce it risks incurring God's wrath.

Anyway, here's the perro, an animal with no sense of his own sinfulness, watching the Procession.


Anonymous said...

GREAT photo! Now if you could photoshop the guy on the balcony to look like Bin Ladin, you might be able to get that on the cover of every magazine in the world! (perro is so photogenic who could resist?)

Burro Hall said...


Keep 15% for yourself.