Sunday, April 12, 2009

Cross to Bear

Organized by the Jesús el Buen Pastor Shelter in Tapachula, Chiapas, a group of two dozen people staged their own Via Crucis on Friday

Men, women, children and the elderly, in wheelchairs or on crutches, for two hours and under a blistering sun, took turns carrying a wooden cross, singing and praying, together with dozens of Catholic faithful.

Buen Pastor is a shelter primarily for Central American migrants who have lost a limb (or limbs) falling from (or under) the freight trains they hop to get to the United States. We like this story for a couple of reasons - first, it's a reminder that, for every Mexican who risks death trying to cross into the Failed State of Arizona, there's a Central or South American who risked death crossing the entire length of Mexico before risking death in Arizona. Call us soft, but it seems to us that if someone wants to wash dishes that badly, letting them in might be the Christian thing to do.

But also, it reminds us of one of the better arguments against the whole "God" meme: that while he's always "miraculously" healing people with cellular-level problems like tumors and blood diseases, there are, as we see here, plenty of pious, devoted and deserving Christian amputees out there. And yet not once, in the history of the world, has he ever restored one of their limbs. It strikes us as a strange and somewhat meanspirited omission, no?


jennifer rose said...

So, what if used an electric chair or guillotine to execute Jesus? Would the Christians then have chairs to bear?

Jesus on a Matzo

Burro Hall said...

No, because Christianity would never have taken off. The only reason God sent his Messenger to Iron Age Palestine is because He saw the decorative/accessorizing possibilities of crucifixion were vastly superior to the forms of capital punishment He knew were to come. It's all about the marketing.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to be standing near you during a lightning storm!!