Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Everybody Panic!

It doesn't have quite the same implication of mental impairment in Spanish as it does in English, but the headline in today's Diario is "Psychosis Over Flu," which basically means "everybody's panicking!" We didn't realize so many people in Querétaro followed Sanjay Gupta, but there you have it.

The truth is, we heartily endorse panic - not because we think there's more to fear than fear itself, but because panic, particularly on the part of the state's public officials, tends to get results. (If a pandemic is going to strike in Mexico, you really want it to strike in the middle of elections, as this one has.) People are buying masks, avoiding public gatherings - all of which have been canceled anyway - and, most importantly, keeping an eye on their own health. One thing that's sort of gotten lost in this is the fact (according to Querétaro's Secretary of Health) that, caught early, swine flu is "100% curable," and that the people who died waited too long to get treatment (or, just as likely, were misdiagnosed) because, well, there was no psicosis por influenza at the time.

The thing about using a sledgehammer to kill a fly is that it really does pound the shit out of that fly.

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Jorge Arturo said...

One person is a smart being, a bunch are stupid...

I have a friend that is creating panic, by spreading rumors like "the supermarkets are going to close" and that the disease can be caught by air in the open.

This kind of person is the one that must be shut up, because they create more problem than necessary, also the freaking flu is curable!! c'mon is not 1918 when we didn't have a clue what a flu was.