Tuesday, April 21, 2009


More special pleading from the Failed State of Arizona yesterday:

PHOENIX, April 20 (Reuters) - Arizona's governor and two U.S. senators urged the federal government on Monday to send hundreds of additional troops to secure the porous Mexican border, along which ruthless drug cartels are waging bloody turf wars....

Arizona Senator John McCain, a Republican defeated by the Democrat Obama in the November 2008 presidential election, also called on Washington to allocate additional resources including troops to the border.

"Additional federal action is urgently needed, and failure to do more puts at risk the security and safety of our citizens each and every day," McCain told the hearing.

Senator Jon Kyl, another Arizona Republican, said resources including Border Patrol check points on highways and greater resources for the justice system in the state were also needed. "It is a whole system that needs to be properly resourced," he told Reuters before the hearing.

And yet, just six short weeks ago, both these guys voted to freeze Federal spending in the middle of an huge recession. McCain, in fact, proposed it. So please shut the fuck up and enjoy your 2008-level border security, muchachos!

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