Monday, April 20, 2009

Good Boy

Barack Obama and the president of Mexico's family dog conclude their talks on cross-border arms and narcotics trafficking, Mexico City, April 16, 2009. (


Joy said...

God, I'm just giving in and adding Obama's blog to my RSS feed. I eat this sorta shit up: a president who seems at least transparent enough to share his entire life in photos.

Perhaps it's just savvy editing on the White House photog's part, but Obama always looks fucking thrilled to be president. It's great.

Burro Hall said...

I'm just gonna assume that if you're a young black guy with a name like Barack Hussein Obama, and every time you walk into the room the Marine Band plays 'Hail to the Chief,' that never gets less thrilling. That he gets through the day without giggling constantly is kind of astonishing to me.