Friday, April 17, 2009

Guess We Can Take the Canadian Flag Off Our Backpacks Now

What a strange feeling - the president of the United States comes for a visit, and we didn't have to spend the day apologizing to the neighbors.

It was difficult to find Mexico's traditional anti-Americanism Thursday in the crowds straining to glimpse President Obama -- or even in the small protests staged to attract his attention.

"I love Obama!" gushed Arleth Cardenas, a 20-year-old student who joined scores of Mexicans in Chapultepec Park, near where the American president would be dining later. "He really does care about people's problems and is against the rich and in favor of the poor. I hope when he passes by he will stop and say hi."

Crowds pressed against the miles of metal fencing that authorities set up to keep the streets clear. More than 5,000 agents, including federal police and army soldiers dressed as civilians, fanned out through the tony Polanco neighborhood where Obama was staying.

"To meet Obama would be a dream come true," said Jose Antonio Torres Aldama, 20. "He is a real leader, and in Mexico at this time we do not have a real leader, someone like Obama who can inspire the masses."

In fairness, his predecessor - what was his name again? - also drew crowds back in March 2007.


Anonymous said...

Oh Burro Hall makes me smile. Reminding me of dear old Queretaro and doing weird plays about Felipe Angeles or going to el tec meeting insanely rich students who didnt understand I was on financial aid and had no parents to send me money to go to the anthros. Not too mention commenting on everything before I have a chance to read it. LOVE IT!!!

Burro Hall said...

It is a pretty fantastic blog, now that you mention it. We'll be posting some cute kitten pictures soon.

Anonymous said...

Don't remove the canadian sticker so fast, just hope Obama keeps on the right track, still a lot PR to do due to Bush Administration.

Jorge Arturo said...

laleyfan78, aren't you Sarah?? I remember you I was in the Tec, not rich though, I couldn't afford going to antros every weekend too, but rich kids can be very nice friends and invite you.