Thursday, April 23, 2009

Livin' In a Gangsta's Paradise

The Instituto Queretano de la Mujer just released a study revealing the somewhat embarrassing fact that Querétaro ranks a dismal 13th in violence against women among all Mexican states (go ahead, click the link, but it's a local news story, so of course they wouldn't think to list what the other 12 states are). But we rank #1, in all of Mexico, in incidents of workplace violence against women!

Numero friggin' uno!

¡Querétaro es mejor!


Jorge Arturo said...

How many states do this study? Or is there a federal study?

Because I think there are states that don't have this stats but because they prefer not to know.

For a while Queretaro was also the rape number one (in the mid 90's)

Burro Hall said...

I think this is an Instituto Queretano de la Mujer study. OF course, since the government of QRO cares so much about women, they've started an institute but it doesn't have a website (at least not that we can find.)

The Instituto does run enormous advertisements for itself on the back of local buses, with the heading "Imagine a life without violence," and featuring before and after photos of the same woman. In the first, she's frowning ever so slightly. In the latter, she's got a small smile. I guess you can't accuse them of over-promising.