Friday, April 24, 2009

Load Up On Guns, Bring Your Friends

We'll be away in New Hampshire for most of the day, with four small children and a rambunctious puppy. (America Does Not Torture, you say?) But, seriously, we love New Hampshire; we've traveled enough to know that indoor plumbing is no indication of a people's kindness and generosity.

So we'll leave you with this fantastic video, which we love because it represents the pinnacle of four billion years of human evolution, and because we're certain that if it proves wildly popular with a certain younger-than-us demographic, Les Moonves will insist that CBS start broadcasting the news this way.


Joy said...

"I am angry gorilla, I heard you needed me." <--- stuck in head.

Ellen Kimball said...

Just worried about you because of the swine flu news, as if Mexico wasn't suffering already from tourist fears.

But you're in New Hampster (sorry, we ex-Bostonians look down on folks to the north and I lost my cool). OK. just buy masks when you head home.

Swampscott! I think my former producer on WEEI-AM Boston lives there. I forgot. We lost touch. Her husband is the doctor who invented the Zone Diet, Barry & Lynn Sears. I really should call her.

Sorry for the ramble and hope you had a good vacation, children and dogs notwithstanding.


Ellen Kimball
Portland, OR

Oz said...

I'm late to the game on this but that was the single greatest bit of video production, save for "Jihad in America" of course.