Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Misc. Pointless Rambling

For the next week or so we'll be living up to the blogger stereotype by posting in our pajamas from our childhood bedroom while Mom makes us lunch - though in the interest of brand continuity, the house in Swampscott is being re-christened as The Burro Hall USA Senior Assisted-Living Center, at least through the end of the month. Now, stay the fuck off our lawn.

One Mexico has going for it is that the lack of universal access to computers means they don't have Craigslist killers. On the other hand, Swampscott doesn't have those clacking anal-beads. Given the choice, we think we'll take the killer.

It's also weird to realize that, while Querétaro has a population of 730,000, and Boston's is over 600,000, yr. corresp. was the only person to have flown the QRO-BOS route yesterday (we have no data on BOS-QRO, but would be willing to wager). Hopefully our campaign to unite the two as Sister Cities - which we're totally gonna get around to soon - will change this.

Finally, it was nice to see this piece in the Times today on the growing interest in mezcal - its appearance in the Times means the trend will peter out by summertime, but anything that puts pesos in the pockets of Oaxacan artisans is okay by us. This kinda shocked us, though:

High-quality mezcal is not cheap, because it takes time to make. An agave plant produces fruit only after six to eight years, and then the plant dies.

Sombra retails for $47 a bottle; Los Amantes is $52 for the joven, which doesn’t receive any aging, and $57 for a reposado, which is lightly aged.

Jeebus. We recently paid about $15 for a very nice bottle at the liquor storne next to the dreaded WalMart. Remind us again why you haven't visited? (Oh yeah, the clacking ass-beads. Good call.)


Gina said...

What on earth are clacking ass beads?

Burro Hall said...

Don't play dumb, Gina.

Anonymous said...

Why are you making all your readers believe that lunch is being served to you here in the home for the aged?? We thought you were coming to push our wheelchairs so we could finally see the great outdoors!
Life here in the home is sad!