Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pardon Us While We Gloat

An unsolicited testimonial:

[Esti Lamonaca's] only fear about Mexico, she said, had been the drug wars that have torn apart parts of the country. But she and her friends stuck to tourist areas and saw no problems, she said.

Emphasis ours! Sure, Ms Lamonaca is now quarantined in her Queens, NY, bedroom and believed to be suffering from swine flu, but as she very clearly states, and we have been saying for a long time, drug cartel violence played no part in ruining her spring break! We love it when we're right...

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Julie said...

Agreed; at this point I will get excited about any not-specifically-bad comment that a tourist has to say about Mexico. I was lambasted on a work conference call this morning by a colleague from the UK who's getting heavy coverage of the Scottish honeymooners who came to Mexico to celebrate their love & returned home with the new way to tell her you love her all over again: a joint case of swine flu.