Friday, April 03, 2009

Some Things Just Feel Rigth Together

We're not sure if this is an example of consolidation or diversification, but welcome to Billy's Tattoo Parlor & Escritorio Publico, a place where you can get yourself inked while you wait for your documents to be typed up.* One stop shopping, because Mexico's all about the customer service! We've been thinking of decorating a biceps with the official Burro Hall logo (a snorting, kicking donkey with enormous testicles wearing an Uncle Sam top hat), and maybe adding a codicil or two to our will.

* [An escritorio publico is a service where people who don't have computer or typewriter or (often) the ability to write can get documents typed up. Some official documents here, like our address registration, have to be typewritten. So despite owning four computers, we've used this escritorio publico on occasion - before it merged with the tattoo parlor.]

Update: Oh my God, this is so much worse than we thought. We took a spin through the Billy's Tattoos website because, well, you never know, and came upon their version of the Angelina Jolie special:

Needless to say, we're never getting any important documents typed up there again.


Ellen Kimball said...

Yes. Typos in tattoos are alarming. In other languages, our English can become quite strange. But inking it into skin? Well, let's just say the fix will be painful and it won't involve "WHITE OUT" Correction Fluid.

If you want to have a laugh, go to:

The collection is vivid and hilarious.



Ellen Kimball said...

I don't have a photo, but in Tigard, Oregon, the Union Gospel Mission shares a driveway with a Japanese restaurant.

Somehow, the sign came out:


Well, a picture would be worth 1,000 of my measly words.


Sarah said...

Oh my! As a fan of tattoos and the owner of sleeves of art on my arms and as a former resident of Queretaro I am not just offended by typos. Billy's work his horrendous. I don't want to be mean but tattooing is suppose to be an art. Not just a chance to mark up the body. Yikes!!!