Saturday, April 11, 2009

Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young To DIe

Ever wonder what would have happened if Jesus had escaped from the Romans and lived well into middle age? Well, assuming he was also Mexican (stick with us, we're going somewhere with this), he would probably have looked like José Luis Rodríguez Rodríguez, a paunchy, graying attorney from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, who, at age 49, just played Jesus in the city's Via Crucis (he appears to have touched up the whiskers for the occasion, using a little "Just For Son of Man".) What's remarkable is that he's been doing this for 33 consecutive years. Yes, he's been playing the Messiah for as long as a certain Nazarene carpenter did.

Because nothing is more important to Mexico than world records, Rodríguez is demanding recognition from the Guinness Book for...well, it's not clear to our researchers, but he appears to believe he holds the world record for Most Consecutive Years Playing Jesus in the Ciudad Victoria Via Crusis. Only (again, this is all somewhat unclear) Guinness won't certify the record until he coughs up 1,000 euros which for some reason - despite being an attorney and, y'know, Jesus - he's been unable to come up with. This is the first we've ever heard of Guinness charging world record holders for their own records (we doubt Meme Uribe paid for the honor), but more importantly, Ciudad Victoria, population 300,000, doesn't have one other bearded guy in his early 30s willing to do this thing?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, he looks more like St. Peter or Moses... Maybe he can work twice a year, he can play Jesus and 8 months later he can play Santa...