Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vexation Without Representation

Man, will we be glad when election season is over. Between the IFE canvassers, the door-to-door propagandists, the flyers shoved through the window, through the mail slot and stuck to the windsheild, the radio ads, the TV ads and, as if this place weren't noisy enough to begin with, the roving roof-mounted loudspeakers and the heavily-amplified rallies in the Plaza (like the one happening right fucking now!) - well, we were about to say we'd find it all less annoying if we were actually able to vote, but now having seen this list written out on the screen, we're not even sure that's true.

These two gents are the PAN pre-candidates for the governor's seat being vacated by Paco "El Goofball" Garrido (there's a one-term limit for just about every office in Mexico, which is why none of the elected officials know jack-shit about their own jobs). And since PAN will almost certainly win here - the other parties are fielding candidates, but we think there just may be some rule requiring them to do so - whoever wins tomorrow's primary will most likely be the next governor of Querétaro. We think we're probably going to miss El Goofball.

Manuel Gonzalez Valle [left] is currently the mayor, and if the guy were any more Aryan-looking he could probably run for governor of Bavaria. We've seen him around town a few times, and he strikes us as a reasonably nice guy, but then that's what the killer's neighbors always tell the TV cameras while the police excavate the underground torture chamber.

Armando Rivera, on the other hand, looks about as oily as the Valdez coastline - the kind of guy who would steal soup from a soup kitchen if only his pants had rubber pockets. Rivera preceded Gonzalez as mayor, and someone explained to us that he's most likely to win because it's simply considered bad form to go directly from mayor to governor without a rest in between. We like the idea of him winning* because, while we have no idea whether he's actually more corrupt than Gonzalez, we think he'd be more cartoonishly obvious about it. We do have a blog to feed here.

The only mayoral candidate we've heard of is Guadalupe Murguía, who seems to get a lot of coverage focusing not on her platform or qualifications, but on the fact that she thinks she could be mayor despite having lady parts, which is apparently still a novel idea in this town.

*Not an endorsement.

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