Friday, April 10, 2009

You'll See It's All a Show / Keep 'em Laughing As You Go

Because we can, we're heading over to La Cañada to catch the crucifixion. Here's someone's video from last year (spoiler alert!):

That was last year. This year we're bustin' him out.


Dan said...

I always wondered how the writers of the gospels came up with their detailed descriptions of the crucifixion. As I understood it, the disciples fled and went into hiding when Jesus was arrested at Gethsemane. Now I understand. His last words were audible from a miles away thanks to a wireless mic clipped to his loincloth. Those Romans thought of everything!

Anonymous said...

yes, I remember what he said, too -- "John ... John ... I can see your house from here..."

Burro Hall said...

Makes you wonder what else the mainstream media isn't telling us, doesn't it?