Friday, May 01, 2009

Bull Flu

It always feels like pandemics are something that happen to other people. "Hey, sorry about your ebola, but it doesn't affect me!" And then, one day, there you are, staring into the frightened eyes of someone you love. We're talking, of course, about Julián "El Juli" López, who was set to reprise his brilliant performance from last January tonight in Juriquilla, Qro, until the back-to-back bullfights for the Festival de Juriquilla got swine-flued out. Have we mentioned there are no confirmed cases of the flu in Querétaro yet?

Meanwhile, the Kentucky Derby - with a larger crowd, tighter quarters and, frankly, a population prone to more bizarre animal-borne illnesses than Mexico has even heard of - is scheduled to go off on time. Keep this in mind when the outbreak gets worse and people are pointing fingers at Mexico's primitive, backwards-assed healthcare system.

Queretanos holding tickets for the bullfight are urged to fly to Massachusetts this evening and catch the urban-folk stylings a college pal of ours, Ellis Paul, at the Me & Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead. If you bring along a printout of this posting, you'll get $3 off any CD.

If you can't get up to Marblehead, well, here's El Juli in Juriquilla last January:

(And unlike the Kentucky Derby, all the horses survived.)


Oz said...

Thats where I'd draw the line. Close my supermarket? Fine.
Cancel my Menudo concert? Ok.

But call off the bullfights, and I think the nation is brought down a few more pegs it really can't afford right now.

I'M not even panicking yet, and that shold tell you something. I'd write more but I gotta get this opertaing rod back into my M14.


Anonymous said...

You notice that I didn't fall into your trap.
PS. All the horses survived the Derby yesterday,