Friday, May 22, 2009

Burro Hall After Dark

On the wise council of our high school teacher brother - who understands the teenage mind in a way we never did, even when we were teenagers - we took a quick spin through the YouTubes to see if the drunken conversation referenced in the previous post had been mischievously uploaded. It hadn't. But we did come across this "casting video" for a local woman named Ana. It's not at all clear what she's trying to be "cast" for, but, at 4'11" and 101 lbs., we're guessing it's not runway work. Still, if you need someone to pose seductively in a revolving office chair, we think you'll agree that Ana's your muchacha:

Kind of like watching a lava lamp, isn't it? Suddenly half the night is gone, and we're still hitting refresh. We checked around on the YouTube page for her contact information (we're still in the market for a backup singer or two), and though there doesn't appear to be any, if you click under "Statistics & Data" you'll see that one of the pages that links to this video is gubernatorial candidate Pepe Calzada's blog. Toss in the fact that the video description uses the word "edecane," which, among other things, means "escort," and suddenly we wish that foreigners were allowed to engage in politics around here.

(Update: Calzada appears to have unlinked. Because the cover-up is never worse than the crime.)

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