Sunday, May 17, 2009

Burro Hall Financial Planning Guide

Go to Zacatecas. Ask prison guards if they have two tens for a five. Repeat.

Gang fools Mexico prison guards

An armed gang disguised as police has broken into a jail in northern Mexico and freed more than 50 prisoners.

A convoy of at least 15 vehicles arrived at the prison with gang members all apparently disguised as federal police officers.

Once inside, the prison authorities were persuaded that an inspection was under way and guards were overpowered.

The prisoners were all suspected members of the Gulf Cartel. But don't worry, an intense manhunt is underway.

Army troops as well as local and federal police have begun a search and set up roadblocks near the prison facility in Zacatecas and neighbouring states.

Why do we have the sinking feeling that a jeep full of "senior army officers" is going to pull up and inform the soldiers that the search has been "called off" - and then order them all to turn over their wristwatches for "official synchronization"?

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