Monday, May 04, 2009

Day Without a Mexican

Deborah Bonello has shot what would appear to be the most boring video ever made - unless you know what a city of 20 million inhabitants is supposed to look like on a beautiful Spring weekend, in which case it's sort of amazing.


Ellen Kimball said...

You folks need a better press agent.

Are you old enough to remember the former swine flu debacle? (Twenty-five people died from the vaccine.)

Let's hope this is just a scare. Regrettably, Oregon has identified three cases out of 11 probable as of last night.

One of the schools where students are affected is the Oregon Episcopal School nearby.

Their class had a very brief trip to Mexico which was supposed to be a happy spring break, but ended up being a swift trip home.

Let's hope this all ends quickly.

Warm regards,

Ellen Kimball
(Retired broadcaster still posting entertainment reviews at
Portland, OR

Anonymous said...

I think Mexico city would look just like that even without the flu, since is a "puente" holiday a long weekend, the chilangos always empty the city on holidays.