Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Divine Comedy

1st Circle of Hell: Standing in line at a government office.

2nd Circle of Hell: A Mexican government office.

3rd Circle of Hell: Specifically, Immigration.

4th Circle of Hell: Take a number. 47.

5th Circle of Hell: "...Twenty-nine!..."

6th Circle of Hell: Number 45, an immigration lawyer, has so many passports, he's cradling them in both arms like a newborn.

7th Circle of Hell: TV overhead is blaring Madonna's "Confessions Tour 2006" DVD.

8th Circle of Hell: Which plays in its entirety.

9th Circle of Hell: "...Thirty-six!..."


Anonymous said...

It's good to know that there is some place worse than the DMV!
Why were you there?


Burro Hall said...

"'Cuz it's no fun being an illegal alien..."

Anonymous said...

That's just one of the many reasons why it's great to be a naturalized Mexican citizen!

Anonymous said...

I once spent 14 hours standing in line at customs in Laredo, trying to legalize my car so I could enter Mexico. Ten years later, I had to have a knee replacement. Coincidence?

Burro Hall said...

Good luck getting a visa for that new knee. You might want to get the other one done now.

Michelle said...

Haha! Been there, done that. Again. And again. It has given me much more patience with things like lines at the post office in the US.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the part where they ask a question with short answer, e.g., what is your name -- answer is taken to another room for typing onto form -- and questioner returns with another question, takes answer back to other room -- and each time you hear about a half hour's worth of typing on an old fashioned typewriter with round keys for each question.
Then afterwards there is much chatting and advice on how to do this much more quickly next time. I think it's very civil and civilized, though it takes awhile.