Friday, May 29, 2009

Grand Unified Theory of Mediocrity

A few days ago we had a lunch with a friend at a Thai restaurant on the outskirts of town. (When we complain about the lack of non-Mexican food here, we generally mean within walking distance. If you're willing to drive - which usually we're not - there are options.) The restaurant was quite fancy and professional, with a full staff of uniformed waiters, a bartender, a maître d', leather-bound menus, etc. We put in our order. We wanted the mixed seafood over noodles, but there were two kinds of noodles to choose from and, unsure what the difference was, we talked it over with the waiter, and chose the ones he recommended. Even simpler, we both ordered the same thing. Also, we were the only people in the restaurant.

While we were waiting, we stared out the window and talked about Mexico - specifically, why a country with so many resources, and so many talented, hard-working people has such a hard time getting its act together. Our friend had been pondering this most of her adult life and thought that people just don't make a connection between doing they best they can at their own particular little job, and the greater good of society.

Before we knew it, we were interrupted by the waiter bearing two plates of mixed seafood over jasmine rice. We sent it back, asked the bartender for another round of drinks, and waited in the empty restaurant. We decided to talk about something else.

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