Saturday, May 30, 2009

Holiday....In Hell!!!

A few days ago the Mexico City government announced it would be offering free health insurance to foreigners visiting the city, presumably to assuage the fears of that subset of tourists who don't mind catching swine flu, but worry about how they'll pay for it. In fact, the coverage turns out to be very comprehensive.

The health insurance coverage for foreign tourists, starting in the summer, goes beyond just caring for those who develop flu symptoms.

It will also include full coverage for surgeries, medical tests, lodging for the patient during convalescence as long as necessary...

...compensation for lost luggage or delayed flights, transfer and repatriation in case of emergency, the cost of bringing a family member to where the visitor is hospitalized, and repatriation of remains in case of death.

What? No attorney to help you make out your last will and testament before you leave your hotel room?

Moreover, the support includes legal advice...

Sigh. We sort of understand what they're trying to do here, and we suppose it's possible that the person who dreamed this one up had not, in fact, been smoking crack nonstop for 72 hours, but there's a fine line between ignoring a problem and calling too much attention to it, and we think this more or less obliterates that line. Why not assign everyone an armed escort and one of those hermetically-sealed "Boy in the Plastic Bubble" suits? If anything, this reminds us of the William Castle horror flick Macabre, which promised moviegoers a $1000 "death by freight" insurance policy and uniformed nurses standing by in the lobby. The movie was a huge success, which probably gives the Mexico City Tourist Board a reason to be hopeful, though it's worth remembering that people went to see it because they wanted to be scared shitless, which we're guessing is not the top reason people come to the DF.

On the other hand, if you're thinking about murdering your wife, it sounds like the government will get you a lawyer, dispose of the body, and treat any wounds you may have sustained in the act. They really are desperate for tourist dollars here.


The ghoulish Mex Files guy said...

Hmmm... see Mexico City and die?

There are those Australian suicide tourists who only go to Tijuana for their horse tranquilizers... maybe they'd like DF better.

Jorge Arturo said...

Is a new plan of xtreme tourism, they are going to take tours to Iztapalapa, Colonia Doctores, Colonia Buenos Aires, Tepito and other places like that, so the chances are high that you will be needing the insurance.