Saturday, May 02, 2009

Never Mind

Did someone say 160 dead? Or did they mean more like 16? The latest numbers - because, contrary to what the media would like, good science takes a little time - have the number of cases of swine flu in Mexico (pop. 110 million) down below 400, with sixteen confirmed deaths - a toll that, were it from one of the all-too-frequent bus crashes around here, would be considered "lucky."

Here are the latest numbers. The bad news is that we can no longer say that the city of Querétaro has no cases of swine flu: it now has one, and San Juan del Rio has one, for a statewide total of: two. (Population of the state of Querétaro: 1.6 million.)

Confirmed Cases 397
16 dead
381 living

Location of deaths

11 DF
3 Estado de México
1 Oaxaca
1 Tlaxcala
12 Women
4 Men

Location of cases of swine flu in Mexico
285 en DF
45 del Estado de México
29 de San Luis Potosí
7 Tlaxcala
5 Aguascalientes

Less than five cases:

Baja California

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Anonymous said...

we were so close to be clean... those chilangos that came on the weekend to Queretaro