Monday, May 25, 2009

The Parking Lot Chronicles

There's an underground parking lot at the end of our street, underneath Plaza Constitution (home of the Dancing Fountains!). We've never been inside, what with being able to park in front of our house and all, but we're sure it's nice.

While we were perusing the weekend flea market, we noticed a book with the rather un-sexy title The Plaza Constitution Parking Lot. Could this be some sort of subterranean murder mystery, we wondered? A political thriller? No, The Plaza Constitution Parking Lot is a 310-page (!) book about the Plaza Constitution parking lot. Sometimes, we reach for our pesos so fast that we sprain a finger on our belt loop.

Hard to believe, but it gets better. The Plaza Constitution Parking Lot was written by Jesús Rodríguez Hernández, who was mayor of Querétaro when the parking lot was built. This was before our time (1997, roughly), but we gather the project was not without controversy. This we know because the jacket copy on the book says as much, and Rodríguez promises to answer the critics, point the finger, and, above all, name names. This is not just a 310-page book about a parking lot (which would totally have given us our 30 pesos-worth), but a scathing political tell-all! Scores will be settled. Reputations will be tattered. There will be blood. It's as if Rudy Giuliani left office and decided to write 150,000 words on his efforts to suspend alternate-side-of-the-street parking on holidays.

Rodríguez dedicates the book to the memory of his mother, "who taught me always to defend and honor the truth." If there's underground parking in Heaven, we know she's smiling down at him.

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Anonymous said...

Now, when you have house guests, you will have a fascinating place to take them and fill their heads with all kinds of fun facts!